A Summer of Adventure and Dreaming

This is the new, central home of the Confluence Blog which I hope, in time, will give a whole host of artists and other colleagues a chance to write and share ideas about their work.

We are overjoyed with the reception of Confluence’s first season and were very please with the way the events unfolded. It was a supreme pleasure to work alongside such talented, open and creative artists in developing and presenting programs that were fun, interesting and moving in their own way. From Marion Newman and Cole Alvis in SOVEREIGNTY VOICED in October to Tom Allen’s brilliant storytelling in our COUPERIN AND DEBUSSY CELEBRATION in November; from the gorgeous performances of Opus 8, Scola Magdalena and organist Matthew Larkin in CENTURIES OF SOULS in January to the exuberant joy of Patricia O’Callaghan and Andrew Downing’s TIS NATURE’S VOICE in April and the wonderful final AT THE RIVER show with a stunning of talented folks contributing so generously and fearlessly…….for all of that, and much more, I am so grateful and so happy that audiences came out to partake of the special and unique atmosphere of Confluence Concerts.

Our 2019-20 Season has been announced and you will hear much from our Artistic Associates and guest artists through the season. I hope you will join us as a subscriber!!

We are hard at work this summer, dreaming up new and exciting ways to present events and connect with material and audiences. I am grateful for the opportunity to put together a show for the Festival of the Sound, which I will write about in the coming days. And I am looking forward to heading off across the country for an epic road trip during which I hope to learn more about this wonderful land and its traditional inhabitants over the centuries. I hope to share ideas and photos along the way.

Larry Beckwith

More to come……

Larry Beckwith